Whether you’re a friend or a stranger, thank you for pointing your browser at my personal homepage. My name is Michael Schutte and I am a trained medical informatician, computer scientist and neuroscientist who currently programs computer software which aims to guide a more efficient utilisation of the German railway network.

I live in Berlin, and I still feel attached to my beautiful hometown of Innsbruck in the Alps. Outside of work, I’m a fan of almost all physical activities that are about getting from A to B (such as bicycling, hiking, swimming or canoeing). I also love to travel further than the energy of my own body can take me, preferably by train. At home, I have a habit of disappearing in the kitchen for hours to cook and bake. I am also very interested in a variety of topics which I’m sadly not formally educated in, such as human language, urban planning and design.

curriculum vitæ

Please see my online CV if you are interested in my professional background.


I occasionally take pictures of places I visit.


Feel free to drop me a line at michael@uiae.at. Physical mail reaches me at:

Michael Schutte
Kynaststraße 1
10317 Berlin